What to consider when planning an adventure

What to consider when planning an adventure!

We all like to get out and try our hand at camping, hiking, kayaking etc.. what do you consider before going out on the trail or water?

  • gear you needimage from pngtree dot com
  • are you able to use the gear properly
  • too much gear
  • are you physically fit
  • practice
  • will you be going alone or with group
  • communication
  • weather
  • inexperience
  • time
  • hydration
  • protection from animals
  • meals
  • other means of cooking
  • keep on your person at all times
  • respect

I am sure we could come up with a few more things to consider, but these will enlighten you to some of the realities once your on the trail.

Lets sum it up as the 3 P’s:  Plan, Prepare, Practice

  • Plan:  where your going, what you need, emergency contacts
  • Prepare:  a route, action plan, food, gear, clothing
  • Practice:  use the gear, pack the gear, wear the pack, set up hammock or tent, break in your new boots

Doing these simple test runs will build your confidence and will soon have you revisiting a few things, how to pack the gear, do I really need this, and other what if’s that pop up during your practice.  Typically we all start off with way to much stuff and after a few practice runs we start the trimming process, needs vs wants come into it now.

I will create follow-up posts to elaborate more on the lists and give an individual breakdown of the listed consideration and how to alleviate them.