Welcome to the new Blog/Shop

After switching web hosting companies, and dealing with some technical issues we decided a clean slate was a great place to plan the next adventure!

So here we go!  A new website, new adventures and a new shop, yes we have added a shop to assist in the adventure funds.

In our shop you will find items we use, and by use, we mean use on a daily if not semi daily basis.

Camping gear, hardware and clothing that has worked for us in all weather conditions, and by everyone in our family. We like the KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid) method, most cases and I think you will agree if something is hard to use it is either a result of over engineering or we are doing something wrong ( we like to push the blame on the engineers, haha just kidding).

So we hope the new site and shop will give you the inspiration to get outdoors and adventure on.

Thanks for your past support and we look forward to bringing you new adventures, new products.

WHoa I almost forgot…. we are now sponsored by Kings County Forge. They have provided us with a selection of knives and leather gear.