We Who Wander -Wabakimi 2018 Part 2

We Who Wander  -Wabakimi 2018 Part 2

We Who Wander -Wabakimi 2018 Part 2

As promised a daily telling of our Wabakimi trip. Here we are at the launch site.

The lads are sorting out the heavy gear to work as ballast for the bottom of the canoes.  Proper loading and balance of the load is a critical part of the process, to top-heavy and whoops you’re in the water, too much on one side ,same you’re in the water. As we are getting late in the day from last-minute errands finished up we slip the canoes into the water and make for the first island.Sorting out the gear

Setting up camp

Once on the water we realize how fortunate we are to have a calm lake to paddle the over laden canoes. We make for an island part way thru the first lake . And set out for making camp. By the time we have camp set up it is getting late in the day and time for the first open fire meal, potatoes and chicken. The day finished off with this fantastic sunset as our reward. Great way to do a mental reset and get your focus back.  I would not have it any other way. More to come, keep following along.

1st Fire and cooking dinnerFantastic end to the day