rv before body work

Our Big Adventure Rig Gets a Facelift

Our Big Adventure Rig We love our RV, a real home away from home and a great place to plan more adventures! Specs: Year: 1986 Model: Triple E Regency Length: 6.4m(21ft) Engine: Gas Powered 7.5L (460cu.in) Chassis:  Ford E350 Mileage: 178,756kms Our Big Adventure Rig Was getting a few spot…

Star Finder

Star Finder

  Star Finder Star Finder, great little tool for learning the constellations. A Star Finder (also known as a Planisphere) helps you find out which stars and constellations are over your head on any given night. To use your new Star Finder: Turn the round star map so the date…

welsford falls

Welsford Falls | Welsford NB

This great waterfalls is only a short hike from the roadway, offering a couple small falls and as you navigate down the trail you come to the biggest falls on the stream out of Mud Lake.