The Blue Barrel and why we use them

The Blue Barrel and why we use them

We are a kayaking family, as some of you know there is not much room for gear in a kayak, not like in a canoe.

So gear choice is a matter of function and size. We have selected gear based on a couple of factors:30l barrel

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Function
  • Multi purpose

Now our best piece of gear is the barrel,  it replace dry bags, back packs and performs very well and has a multitude of functions. We have them in two sizes, a 30 litre and 60 litre.

And we think they are one of our best investments, why? Well because of several reasons

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Floats
  • Seat
  • Table
  • Hang food
  • Water bucket

On my last trip the 30l barrel was used for everything, most importantly a supply of potable water for the 4 of us.  Easy to make 30L of drinkable water, dip in in the lake, drop water purity tabs in, let sit over night..tada drinking water for all.

The barrel is also easy to pack and can hold a lot of gear.  On my last trip I flew to Toronto for the We Who Wander Wabakimi trip and packed all the hard gear in the barrel, axe, knives, cook  set, while my clothing and food was in a second bag. The video below shows the barrel and what we typically use on a trip.

Would I recommend the barrels to anyone..everyone…  YES, they are inexpensive, versatile and durable… ticks all the boxes for what I need from a pack system. and with the harnesses you can carry them like a regular pack, as shown in part 2 of our barrel system video(shown below)

So as a summary will a barrel be useful to a outdoor enthusiast, YES! Get one and try it, let me know if you find one as versatile and useful as we do.