Part 3- Wabakimi 2018

Not like most trips things do not always go as planned, we had a few occurrences of this on our We Who Wander -Wabakimi trip, but we made the best of it, today’s post will be a slideshow, of the great scenery of the area.

We Who Wander  -Wabakimi 2018 Part 2

We Who Wander -Wabakimi 2018 Part 2

We Who Wander -Wabakimi 2018 Part 2 As promised a daily telling of our Wabakimi trip. Here we are at the launch site. The lads are sorting out the heavy gear to work as ballast for the bottom of the canoes.  Proper loading and balance of the load is a…

Canoe Trip-Armstrong Ontario-Round Trip

On August 20 I left New Brunswick for Armstrong Station Ontario, to meet up with 3 other fellows for a canoe trip. The four of us are part of the We Who Wander Adventure Group . All of us are adventure minded, with different levels of experience, not one of…