Part 3- Wabakimi 2018

Part 3- Wabakimi 2018

Not like most trips things do not always go as planned, we had a few occurrences of this on our We Who Wander -Wabakimi trip, but we made the best of it, today’s post will be a slideshow, of the great scenery of the area.

The 3 P’s Plan- Pepare-Practice

The 3 P’s Plan- Pepare-Practice In a previous post we mentioned the 3 P’s PLAN – PREPARE – PRACTICE Now let us look at each P individually and break it down, it is a simple phase that can make or break your adventure. We will say we want to hike…

Canada Day Campout

Canada Day Camping All packed the night before, and early start got us right where we wanted to be! Destination: Diggity Cove, New Brunswick Nice calm day to get all set up early, hammock hung, tarps set and now time to relax! As the night came on the wind picked…