Star Finder


Star Finder

Star Finder, great little tool for learning the constellations.

A Star Finder (also known as a Planisphere) helps you find out which stars and constellations are over your head on any given night.

To use your new Star Finder:

  • Turn the round star map so the date matches the time you are observing.
  • The time shown is Standard (winter) Time. For daylight savings time (summer), subtract one more hour (9 PM becomes 8 PM on the star map).
    The Star Finder is designed for latitude 45°.
  • If you live much further north, the patterns in the sky are similar, but fewer southern stars are visible.
  • The oval area shows the entire visible sky. Overhead stars are in the centre of the oval. Stars near the horizon are close to the edge.
  • To identify stars, hold the Star Finder in front of your so the label for the horizon you are facing is at the bottom. If you are not sure of the direction, find the Big Dipper which is usually North.
  • Perfect aid you young and old.. easy to use, just print off the template, cut and fold along the lines.

Tada one star finder. Simple align the date and approximate time on outer ring, hold overhead and see the stars…. simple and easy peasy.

Print off your Star Finder HERE