Some Changes Coming

As my previous post hinted we are working on some big changes. One of these changes will include moving to a vlog or video blog.

As soon as we get a couple of camera setups tested for video/audio quality, some videos may end up going live with the cell it is most likely the easiest format for now.

Ok onto another big change…….drum roll please….Branding….yes we are working on branding our own line of gear!

What sort of gear? The gear we have used for years now. ..Stoves, cooksets and other items ready for your adventures.

Stay tuned for a complete list….once we get final drafts and some final R&D competed.

Apparel designs…yes.a few new designs for our tees and hoodies.

Patches..yes patches…we will have these ready in the next couple of weeks as well. 😁

As you can imagine this doesn’t happen overnight and is quite time consuming.

We will keep you posted as we get things finalized.