Portable Outdoor Camping Gas Stove

Portable Outdoor Camping Gas Stove

This is one handy stove, it is lightweight, compact and actually works!

We have used these little stoves for a couple of years now, and used them year round. Out of the box you will see it is small, light, and compact, remember these are what you want from all your gear as you are the one who will have to carry it in and out of the wilderness.

Stove and fuel can
Shown here with the standard Butane/Propane mix fuel canister, this is what we generally use year round. It will work in sub-zero temperatures better than butane fuel alone.

As you can see it is a small stove, I have used the cook set 2L pot full of water on this wee stove and no problems tipping it , was rock steady, and with a slight turn of the knob the heat can be increased and a rolling boil in no time at all.

On my last trip this stove was used everyday, by myself and a couple of other fellows on the trip, one of the nice features of  this model is the built-in piezo igniter. 

To light this  stove, simply screw it onto the top of the fuel canister, turn the dial counterclockwise until you hear it hiss a bit, then dial it back, click the igniter, and viola you have flame!

Now with the adapter(sold separately) you have the option of butane fuel, the same butane canister used in larger stoves, so when the local shop is out of the butane/propane mix , you still have the ability to cook your food.   As shown below the adapter simply has the stove screw onto the top, flip out the folding feet of the stand and align the notch and turn to lock the can onto the adapter…lighting is the same.

Would I recommend this stove, YES, it is lightweight, compact and it works! Everything you need in a camp stove. 2 Fellows on the last trip had never seen such a small stove and after using it they were amazed at how easy it was to set up and use. You will enjoy this stove, as I mentioned we have been using this stove for a few years now and, are glad it is part of our kit. You can order you own  from our online shop here: Portable Gas Stove