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As part of our website you may have noticed the shop section. We only offer gear we have actually used, no bought review, no purchased likes, all the gera on our site has been used by everyone here.

On my last trip, to Wabakimi park in northern Ontario, there is no camp ground, no store, just lots of lakes, rivers, islands and wildlife. It is a remote area of the Boreal forest, and quite spectacular to see. 

Being in such a remote place I want gear that will work and work well! I took the following as part of my regular kit;

  • Mozzie Net Hammock
  • Hammock Straps
  • Small Portable Cook Stove
  • Cook Set
  • Ferro Rod

These are in my barrel and ready to use, I chose these items for a couple of reasons:

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Easy to use/clean

With kayaking you are limited to the weight and space for items, the small portable stove fits inside the kettle of the cook set, as well as the fuel adapter. This ticks all the boxes of the above list, portable, light and compact. AS I mentioned in a previous post all my gear for a 2 week canoe trip fit into a 30L barrel and a 75L dry bag, for a combined weight of 26.3kg (58 pounds).

I will do a review of each item taken on this trip, as well as input from the other lads who were part of the “We Who Wander- Wabakimi 2018 trip” in future posts