Our Explorer Build

Explorer build

We decided to look for a SUV type vehicle and  do some Overlanding. On a low budget we picked up this 2000 Ford Explorer that was in decent condition. Picked up for $600 and in no major repairs required.

With it’s 4.0L and select-able Auto-4H-4L we figured it was a sturdy enough rig to get us into the back country. We have taken it off road a few times and found no reason why we shouldn’t continue with  making it into a Overland rig.

Fist off the colour had to go…. yup.. Nice but ..um not what we want.. Heather picked “Sand” and the base colour and we agreed to Flat black roof and hood section, done in Truck bed liner to avoid scratches.

So far we have completed the body work, paint, roof rack, cargo basket.

Next upgrades  will be Tires, rooftop tent, winch and custom cargo  rear bumper.