Gear- Outdoor Aluminium Cookware

We all need to eat, even out in the wilderness, it is nice to have a warm meal, besides the jerky pulled from your pocket.

The cook set we use on our adventures is a handle set, skillet, 2L pot and .8L kettle, everything you need to make a meal for 2-3 people in the field.

Portable Cook set

This cook set has all the features you will need

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to clean

It is large enough to prepare food for a group, the Skillet is plenty  to make a large portion of eggs, while the pot is 2L which could make plenty of pasta, or rice for a small group.

This set has prepared food for our group of 4 with no one going away hungry. and while on the trail you need good food to keep your energy up.

Here it is shown patiently waiting for the stove to get set up, the meal on hand was oatmeal with dehydrated strawberries and apples. On  this cool morning it was just what I needed to fuel me for a day of adventure. Even managed to put the kettle on for a brew of Cuban coffee.

It all fits together inside each other, nested and ready to be used at the next meal.

This lightweight cook set is made from a coated Aluminium, it heats up even and in no time you are smelling all the goodness from your food.

Clean up is a breeze, I use a bamboo cloth/paper towel, simply use a damp cloth to wipe out, some stuck on food may require a bit of elbow grease,or a helping hand from my bamboo spatula. In the few years we have used this set I have yet to scrape the coating, but I also never use metal utensils with this set.

In conclusion I would suggest t his set for any outdoor enthusiast and a perfect addition to their kit.

Product details and purchasing can be found here.