Hammock camping

Hammock Camping Tips The simplistic hammock has been around for thousands of years, and it is still used today in parts of the world for sleeping. Most camping hammocks are derived from the authentic Brazilian or Mayan styles of South America with their deep sag, tight weave, and gathered ends….

Camp cooking gear

What to bring

Things to Bring Camping We all want to get out doors and enjoy nature….just remember this.. “IF YOU PACK IT IN…..YOU PACK IT OUT!” Below is a very general list of items you may require….remember there is no one list that will be the end all of lists. Everyone has…

Canada Day Campout

Canada Day Camping All packed the night before, and early start got us right where we wanted to be! Destination: Diggity Cove, New Brunswick Nice calm day to get all set up early, hammock hung, tarps set and now time to relax! As the night came on the wind picked…