Canoe Trip-Armstrong Ontario-Round Trip

On August 20 I left New Brunswick for Armstrong Station Ontario, to meet up with 3 other fellows for a canoe trip. The four of us are part of the We Who Wander Adventure Group .

All of us are adventure minded, with different levels of experience, not one of us have the same are of  , lets say “expertise”. ..the common thread is we are all adventurers at heart and enjoy bushcraft. I was a late addition to the group, as the numbers changed and finally ended up with the four of us.

Left to right are:

After digging out all my kit, laying out on the table, Heather  and I went thru everything, trying to get the best of our combined kits, for example her Granfors axe is lighter and shorter than mine… stuff like that, had to minimize weight for the airplane.

I packed my barrel and dry sack and off to the airport I went. 58 lbs total, gear, food, clothing, tools everything I would need for the trip.

Arrived in Toronto on time, waited for Jason to swing by and pick me up, not hard to find ..only car with canoe on it at airport.

So the adventure part begins, one canoe strapped to the roof of a Toyota Matrix, and we are off to pick up the second canoe for the trip, it is in Barrie On. We find the place and load it up,.. now we are off to Thunder Bay.

Two Canoes on a little car heading across Ontario, was quite the site, the roof rack extended over the roof by 14-16 inches per side, having to duck every time we got in or out of the car, you only had to knock your head once to remember to duck. After a long delay due to a traffic accident near Wawa On., we continued to Thunder Bay.

Arrived in the following day in Thunder Bay, where we met with Brok and Gary. Did some last-minute errands, then off to Armstrong Station, only another 300 kilometers, late leaving  Thunder Bay, and plan was to camp for the night at White Lilly lake a few kilometers along the route to Armstrong station. Up early and off we go to finish the 300 kilometers to the launch site.

Some gear and car shuffling and we finally get the canoes in the water,  and more to the adventure later, …enjoy the photos.