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Stinson Adventures is all about ADVENTURE..we like the road less traveled and we want to be able to enjoy the scenery at our pace not at 110 km on the highways and go exploring, really see our world....not just miles of pavement that take you from one tourist trap to the next. So we are on the web to share our tales of adventure! Catch us Kayaking various lakes and rivers, hiking or Overlanding in the old Explorer.

Latest News

Making Fire Starters | Fire Hacks

Fire hacks Campfires are a big part of the camping experience. Here are a couple fire starting hacks you have to know for your next camping trip, plus are fun for the kids to make. Make Your Own Water Resistant Fire Pack Start with a drinking straw, and add a…

Hammock camping

Hammock Camping Tips The simplistic hammock has been around for thousands of years, and it is still used today in parts of the world for sleeping. Most camping hammocks are derived from the authentic Brazilian or Mayan styles of South America with their deep sag, tight weave, and gathered ends….

popcan stove

DIY camp gear

DIY Camping Gear Replace Your Tarp with Tyvek Tyvek—the stuff contractors use in walls to make houses waterproof. It will also protect you from the elements when you’re camping. This material is: light durable inexpensive Find a hardware store sell it by the yard.  An 8 x 10 foot piece…

Camp cooking gear

What to bring

Things to Bring Camping We all want to get out doors and enjoy nature….just remember this.. “IF YOU PACK IT IN…..YOU PACK IT OUT!” Below is a very general list of items you may require….remember there is no one list that will be the end all of lists. Everyone has…

Our Explorer Build

Explorer build We decided to look for a SUV type vehicle and  do some Overlanding. On a low budget we picked up this 2000 Ford Explorer that was in decent condition. Picked up for $600 and in no major repairs required. With it’s 4.0L and select-able Auto-4H-4L we figured it…

rv before body work

Our Big Adventure Rig Gets a Facelift

Our Big Adventure Rig We love our RV, a real home away from home and a great place to plan more adventures! Specs: Year: 1986 Model: Triple E Regency Length: 6.4m(21ft) Engine: Gas Powered 7.5L (460cu.in) Chassis:  Ford E350 Mileage: 178,756kms Our Big Adventure Rig Was getting a few spot…

Roof Rail Hack | Extended Roof Rails

Roof Rail Hack | Extended Roof Rails     Made longer roof rails now the basket fits up front where we want it…plenty of room for the rooftop tent once it is completed. Simple hack, Acquire a full length roof rail from parts vehicle Measure from front before roof slopes…

Star Finder

Star Finder

  Star Finder Star Finder, great little tool for learning the constellations. A Star Finder (also known as a Planisphere) helps you find out which stars and constellations are over your head on any given night. To use your new Star Finder: Turn the round star map so the date…


Welcome to the new Blog/Shop After switching web hosting companies, and dealing with some technical issues we decided a clean slate was a great place to plan the next adventure! So here we go!  A new website, new adventures and a new shop, yes we have added a shop to…

Canada Day Campout

Canada Day Camping All packed the night before, and early start got us right where we wanted to be! Destination: Diggity Cove, New Brunswick Nice calm day to get all set up early, hammock hung, tarps set and now time to relax! As the night came on the wind picked…