Heather’s KLR 650 Customized

I have never been one to leave anything alone, buy something and always change it to suit me, and my hubby is the same way so we get along quite well. It doesn't matter what it is we buy we seem to always change it. Motorcycles are no different, we bought a 2000 KLR 650 and of course it was awesome however it needed some of our touches. So off we went to start customizing!!!

Well customizing my KLR 650 was fairly easy (big grin), I just said what I liked and voila my hubby did it. It is fantastic having someone that has the ability and the know how to make the modifications to my KLR 650.

First off the bike was really tall for me, so he said no problem...he cut the seat down for me. It was great but still too tall. What to do now? Well he ordered lowering links for it :0) hum we got them home and they were TOO LOW, so back to the stock ones :( He said not to worry he would figure something out, so off to the garage he goes, and a day later he has made me some custom made lowering links and they are perfect of course I really didn't expect anything less.

Now onto the custom fairing for my KLR 650, yup he modified my fairing to suit today's needs, with extra power outlets as well as a couple of switches for the extra lights he put on for me. So he cut the fairing, you know I never even flinched when he did that it was more this is going to be fun and not oh my god what happens if it doens't work!!! Well it turned out flawlessly he was out there fabricating and I got to help a bit. Then the fiberglass started to take shape then the paint. It made my wind shield so it makes the wind go up instead of straight at me, so all is good.

Now onto the paint, well as I mentioned in the previous paragraph about the KLR 650 Fairing Modification, yes it needed to be painted, but we weren't sold on the color it already was and we both like camouflage so off to the hardware store we go to get some paint, and yes I now have a custom camouflage paint job on my bike...of course I love it. He asked if I wanted to change it or touch it up I said "NO" I love the paint job just as it is!!!

Going to be taking some trips and what does a bike need for trips? Absolutely it needs motorcycle luggage!!! So we looked around for luggage and didn't really see anything that we like for the price we were seeing, so I said "I know you could make something", he said "yes I can" so that was it, off to get some metal and a trip to the surplus store. You guessed it he made me some custom luggage racks and custom panniers!!!

Oh I almost forgot he also made me a custom engine guard, yes I hopefully will never need it but it is there for the just in case thing plus it looks fantastic.

2000 KLR 650

2000 KLR 650 before modifications

Heather's customized 2000 KLR 650

Heather's customized 2000 KLR 650 - after modification | customizing

This picture doesn't show the customized lowering links, I will take another picture when the weather is, shall we say above zero degrees!!

P.S. Baby I love everything you have done for my bike to make my motorcycling a fantastic experience, I love you Darlin!!

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